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Early Help


Early Help is a service recently formed from the Integrated Youth Support Service (including Youth Start and LGBT), Youth Offending, Family Support Services, Education Welfare, Children’s Centres and Families for Change.

All families go through trying times at some point. Early Help staff will work with you at these times so that small problems don’t get bigger. They work with children, young people and families to offer support and advice when it’s most needed. The team can work with you in your local area at one of their centres or even in your home.

THE EARLY HELP TEAM can help you:

  • If you are worried about a child’s health, development or behaviour
  • If you are a child carer or young person looking to find training or further education
  • If you are a child carer or young person looking for advice on employment or benefits

Maybe your child or your family is, or has been, affected by domestic abuse, drugs, alcohol or crime. Or maybe you’ve had a bereavement which has made things harder.

EARLY HELP can provide help in a child’s early years. They also support children who are missing from school or home and give support when children or young people are involved in risky behaviour.

EARLY HELP teams work with children, young people and families who need some support before problems get worse. If you feel you would benefit from support, EARLY HELP can support with the following:

  • Giving children the best start in life
  • Advising on places to go and things to do for teenagers and young people
  • Supporting families when needed. EARLY HELP staff will work with you to find a solution to your family’s needs – whatever they may be.

You can view the EARLY HELP website for the full range of services based around:

  • Health, development and wellbeing e.g. substance abuse, mental health, domestic and sexual abuse
  • Support for families e.g. childcare, parenting, risky behaviour,
  • Activities and groups e.g. youth groups, voice and influence groups
  • Advice and support e.g. crime and offending, bereavement and loss, practical advice
  • Education and learning e.g. missing from school, NEET/EET, early years
  • Support for young people e.g. targeted youth support, jobs and training advice, relationships and sexual health advice, staying safe

Where and how is EARLY HELP accessed?

  • Early Help can be accessed for you by a professional or you can self-refer.
    You can find your EARLY HELP TEAM in children’s centres, youth centres, schools or through your GP, health visitor and school nurse.

If you would like to contact Doncaster EARLY HELP TEAM directly for support and advice, or to make a self-referral, please contact 01302 734110.



                        Contact Mrs P Cousins or Mrs S Atherton at the usual school number: 01302 868284

                   for an informal chat about the service and other avenues of