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Miss Birks

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)

(LAC Lead)

(Assessment Lead)

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Cousins

Assistant Headteachers

Mr Walker

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding)

(Curriculum Lead)

(Pupil Premium Lead)

Mr McArdle

Mrs Price


Mrs Dyson


Teaching Staff 

Foundation Stage 1

Curious Cubs- Mrs Lockett


Foundation Stage 2

FSH – Mrs Hawksworth (Geography)

FSN – Mrs Leaney

Mrs Noon (EYFS Lead and PSHE and RSE Lead – on maternity leave)


Year 1

1L – Mrs Ludbrook (Computing)

1/2MD – Mrs Dyson (SENCO)


Year 2  

2P – Mrs Price (Phonics)


Year 3 / 4

3S – Mr Sell (Maths and French)

3D – Mrs Maddison (History)

3W – Miss Winterbottom


Year 5

5P- Mr Walker (PE and Curriculum)

5M – Mr McArdle (Science)


Year 6

6W – Mr Porter (Music)

6M – Mrs McClellan (English and Art)


Support Team

Mrs Atherton – Learning Mentor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Nursery- Miss Smith and Mrs Reid

FSN – Mrs Proctor

FSH – Miss Sanderson

1L – Miss Aftab and Mrs Saunders

1/2MD – Mrs Newton

2P – Mrs Dillon and Mrs Bell

3S – Miss Allenby

3D – Mrs Taylor

4S – Mrs Emmett

4M- Mrs Brown and Miss Carter

5M – Mrs Norton

5W – Miss Walker

6W- Mrs Hughes

6M – Mrs Soffe


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Oliver

Mrs Gronous

Mrs Rayner


Business Manager

Mrs Feirn


Office Staff 

Mrs Robinson (Pupil Liaison Officer)


Cook in Charge

Mrs Jackson


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Elliott

Mrs Connor


Site Manager

Mr Lakin


ICT Support

Mr Liversidge