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Welcome to Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6

Curriculum Details


This term we are focusing on building up towards our independent writing. We are looking at an adventurous Amazon Rainforest tour brochure, a biography all about Charles Darwin’s early life and a narrative including tension and suspense.



Children continue to enjoy the new maths scheme in school and showing good examples of problem solving and reasoning strategies. This term we will focus on fractions and their links to decimals and percentages, as well as, area and perimeter, calculations with decimals and statistics.


During the year we will be covering six units of science. Ourcurren unit is all about Evolution. The children have been fascinated to read all about Charles Darwin and his contributions to the way people thought and think about the development of different species. The children are really enjoying learning about specific species such as the peppered moth and its story of adaptation. Next half term we will move onto investigating light.


The children were enthralled by the WWII unit and really enjoyed discussing different aspects of the war and how it impacted locally. We will continue to revisit our learning over the year to ensure that this knowledge stays with the children.

Our current history focus is on the Ancient Maya. The children have been blown away by some of the information learnt so far and how they were so advanced. We will continue to investigate the Maya culture and lifestyle over the next half term.



The children did a great job making their own maps of their own communities and identifying map symbols. This term we are looking at South America and how it compare to the UK in many different ways including climate, landscape and trade.



Following on from our unit all about Henry Moore, we are continuing to use our sketchbooks this term to design and create 3D textile work. This has been inspired by the Mayan’s fascination with the Quetzal, a bright and colour bird which they held in great esteem. The children will be designing their own Peruvian textile and using this to cut, sew and fill a bird before adding detail with beads and feathers.



In our RE lessons, we will be learning about Islam and how a Muslim shows their commitment to God. We have been fortunate to be able to borrow some items from the diversity loan service at DMBC and have some artefacts related to Islam. This will help the children understand what it means to be a Muslim and get first hand experience of the religion. We will also be learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam and what each one stands for.

In the second half term, and run up to Easter, we will be digging deeper into Salvation.


Homework will be handed out on a Tuesday and is due back in on Tuesday of the following week. Homework will consist of a short comprehension and a consolidation of maths from the week. We expect the children to read for at least 10 minutes every night and have their reading record signed.



PE takes place on a Friday afternoon. The children should bring full and correct kit to be able to participate in the lessons.

Full PE kit includes a white t shirt, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

The children will be going outdoors wherever possible and should pack accordingly on the morning of PE.

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